what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 9, 2007

More on what the Dx doc….

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I felt that I didn’t elaborate enough on my reasoning on why even when faced with a Dx like diabetes or in my case hypoglycemia your still yourself.

 In my case I was devestated but because my mom said basicly “Your old enough to deal with this by yourself.” I was basicly on my own angery,sad and confused. Yest I couldn’t show any of those emotions because that would make me weak and whiney like my mom expected.

That would make me weak…maybe if I had allowd those feelings to be there I wouldn’t have done some of the rebelious things I regert doing.

It’s human nature to react that way and I would advise if you try to hold back on these feelings you let go and remember your a human being.

I didn’t know what to do….I tryed to be around a certain group of my friends what I thought was the old me. I thought somehow I was going to change.

I didn’t want help and I didn’t wan to be weak! To be weak is human nature as well sometimes it just takes some of us longer to break.

Well I set out determined I wasn’t going to change just because I was now attached at the finger to a glucosse moniter.

What I didn’t reliese that I by being so afraid of changeing myself of recieveing specail treatment I did things I didn’t even think I would ever do…..

Not bad stupid things like drinking or partying or drugs….Just things I knew better than like not following my diet or destroying my moniters.

I pushed myself intill I collasped and reliesed that after I cryed after I accepted what I’d been trying to deny I was the same me I was before.

In other words my moral is….Cry,Fall to your knees,Let yourself be weak but lift yourself up and remember your still you inside.

If the people around you are jerks or you think your looseing someone close to you over your dx…

Just go “What the Dx doc!Hold on a sec I’m still me and I’m intitled to be human!If you can’t deal with it than so be it”

it only sounds easy but somehow saying that in your head over and over again it can make you feel stronger.

What I’m saying is you don’t change inless you and only you decide.Don’t let your afflictions decide who you are!

Yours as always,



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