what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 9, 2007

What the DX doc…..

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“I’m sorry but I regert to inform you…”

Uh ohhhh here it comes everyboy brace for impact.

“You have a Non-diabetic form of Hypoglycemia also called reactive hypoglycemia or low blood sugar”

At the point I’m thinking something along the lines of “What the hell……”

Not what the Dx like I should be. at this moment.

“Please speak my language!”

his response to his is in laymans terms for once….All I can think is why isn’t my mom here holding my hand and understanding all this crap instead of forceing me into doing this alone.

“Your pancreas is doing the oppisite of what a diabetics does.You see your making to much insilin causeing your BGL to fluctuate.”

Me with my jaw open and laughing nervously go

“I am I going to die doc?”

He chuckles……

“No but it might feel like it for awhile.Not that treatment hurts you just have to….”

I zone out about now as I listen to him tell me that I have to give up ice cream and stab my finger 5X daily……To me at frist this felt a little like dieing….

After that day I went on a bit of a wild rebelious rampage doing eveything I could to prove to my self that I was still me despite everything that had changed. It took a long time for me to change my mindset about my current situation and to adjust….

Back to the Doc’s office…

“If you don’t control your blood glucosse levels you could go to low and die…”

I by this time am out of my stunned trance.

So what the Dx doc I can’t remember half the stuff you said yet I’m now a functioning member of society again.

¬†It took me awhile to reliese “I’m still me”

Todays lesson is not “What the Dx is it’s remembering your still you.”

hopefuly by reading this you newly Dxed people will be spared finding this out the hard way….

signing off for the day,



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