what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 10, 2007

A little meloncholy never hurt….

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 Sometimes I’m okay with myself….

Somethimes I’m not….

I’m just glad you understand that……

Today I feel incomplete. I had a good day blood sugar wise. I did perfect. I even worked up enough courage to tell some of my teachers of my condition. I was doing fine intill well I guess lunch.

I was sitting with two of my friends I’l call one Curt and the other Ash. Curt is one of my guyfriends and Ash is one of my gal friends.

We where sitting in front of one of my fave teachers rooms. He is T-1 Diabetic and I have not spoke to him yet of my new Dx. I had my Glucosse moniter out in my lap and was sitting directly in front of the door right in the way.

I have to check my BGL 2 to 3 times while eatting. 1 before I eat once right after I finish and than again to make sure my levels have not risen to dangerous levels(After I get high I crash back down really fast so I can go from a Ie. 12.5 to 5.9 in less than an hour.

Well as mentioned the teacher in questions door we are sitting out of is t-1 diabetic and I was sitting directly in front of his door.

I was on my last test of my meal when he showed up. I was in the way in the middle of testing with a dripping finger and he asked me very neuteraly to move.I accidently got the error 1 message  and had to do it again because I had to move.

I geuss I just awesomed that people like me would automaticaly understand. Than again ive noticed that he in particualar does not often talk about the subject.

Man I hate that when it happens at least I don’t have to re-pric my finger because I bleed like a SOB when I do pric even on a low setting.

Well after that I felt well incomplete somehow as though something was wrong with me.

As though I wasn’t me….

Today I don’t like me tomorrow maybe with the help with some of my friends I’l be okay again and I’l love me again.

We can’t all love ourselves everyday thats why human love is unconditional.Thats why a little meloncholy never hurt anyone………..

Why did that situation make me feel that way…..I  don’t know maybe tomorrow I know I need to talk to Curt or Ash or anyone just to get back to being me again.

So hugs for everybody who needs one and semi-sad-smiles to all.




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