what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 12, 2007

One Good thing.

Filed under: Hypoglycemia — closedembrace @ 7:34 pm

A change in today’s theme.

Finding something good out of something bad.At least one good thing.

Ive been thinking about it all day after reading a thread on http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum

I was viewing. It was about finding one good thing that our dx’s had brought about.

Well Ive thought and thought about the question that was asked: “If someone came up and asked you what one good thing had come about because of your dx what would you say?”

My automatic answer is “Nothing”

yet now I’m detemined to find at least one good thing.

There has to be something good about all this yet I can’t think of what just yet.

If anyones reading this I challenge you to think of one good thing about something bad.

lot’s of hugs and luvs,



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