what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 13, 2007

Dam acknowlegement feels good!

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Today I am very good mood.

Damn Acknowlegement feels good!

Well sitting outside of one of my fave teachers doors the same one that earlier in my blog posts caused a slightly meloncholy onset(No idea why but it did).

He suddently asks me…..

“Did you get dxed with Diabetes over the summer.”

I looked up at him as I was a bit dizzy as I always am after meals.

“No I’m hypoglycemic”

If felt good to be aknowlege because the need to talk to someone face-to-face about my situation.

I than finally got acknowlegement and dam it felt like a such a load off my shoulders. I feel confident in going to him I need help and  don’t usually feel confident in doing that.

I talked to him a bit about it than had to leave for class.

I’m sick so my levels fluctuate quite a bit. I really should be eating cheese and attempting to swallow some raisons down every hour. Than my BGL’s would be even.

anywho back to said teacher….

I have  a sneaky feeling that he may have read my blog. I feel okay with that.

On another note I’m having issues with one of my friend Ash. She is not awhare of these issues Curt is.

Well today I started talking about AST and she didn’t freak out excattly she just said she wasn’t comfotable wacthing me test on my forearm.

I don’t like it ethier and I wish she wouldn’t keep going on “If I was in that situation….” or “Tell me if your going to test on your forearm I have to close my eyes”

This would be the Ash was there for my first low in school.She’s been there for me. Yet she has issues with my condition and it bothers me.

On another note Curt is being a 100% best bud to me. He said to me today that
“I’l hold your pricker and press the botton for you if you want”

He when I felt low offered me an unopened bottle of gatteraide even though I was sick. He’s been there for me more than I can thank him for.

Update on:One good thing

It’s still a blank….sigh…..


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