what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 14, 2007

Ready.Set.Test.(One Good thing)

Filed under: Hypoglycemia — closedembrace @ 7:21 pm

This is a combo blog entry.

I have found one good thing about my Dx.

Blood sugar testing races/competitions to see who’s BLG’s are better with my awesomest english teacher who as T-1 diabetes.

He made it feel like fun. Something thats hard to do. He also read my blood sugar log for the day and told me that he wished his levels where like that.

I was shakeing so bad today and he said it’s probably anxiety and I think he’s totally right. I think to much about my levels and I start shakeing.

I’m glad he’s there and I’m so thankful for everything he’s done. I can’t wait till monday! Maybe we’ll race again!

Cheers and loves,



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