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September 17, 2007

Why the hell!?!

Filed under: Hypoglycemia — closedembrace @ 7:42 pm

Why the Hell does Excersize raise my BGLS? I mean Ive got plenty of insilin so wouldn’t I go down burning all those calories I have to eat to stay alive. I mean maybe it was just today since I woke up messed.

I’m basicly going to wacth my levels before and after I excersize and if eating before or not has anything to do with it.

Maybe I’m spazing out a little I mean I only went up form a 6.0 to a 6.4

okay I’m being a Spaz as Curt would put it “Calm the BEEP down!” after telling me to “Chill” about five times. LOL someone has to make sure I mellow out. Thanks buddy.

Ashers your my hyper buddy and sometimes my mellow buddy.

Ive been reading a bit about diabetics reactions to excersize and compareing to me using my fave resource http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/exercise/6676-why-exercise-increases-blood-glucose#post60961 and this times boys and girls it’s a direct link to the thread.

Qouteing jklstudios:

“My experience is that exercise initially causes a rise in blood sugar. This is even more pronounced in anerobic exercise like weight lifting. Like others have said, I believe this is caused by the liver’s natural reaction of giving a quick boost of sugar (which would be great if my pancreas worked!).On the flip side, exercise most definitely increases my insulin sensitivity durring and after prolonged exercise (over 45mins).

It’s been said before, but test test test and take detailed notes.”

 I’m still trying to grasp the concept and make my mind make everything make sense.

I’m feeling a little shy and quiet again and to afraid to ask questions again. I talk about asking questions and than I get to shy. I wish I could have an afternoon with someone who could make everything make sense!

Well hypopony has chores to do,

loves yall,



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