what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 17, 2007

Wow today I feel like a normal SOB!

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This is how I started my day…

6:28 am roll out of bed stumble Crash,bang,and than boom into my dresser. Stumble my way down the hall and I still have no clue in hell how I got down stairs in one piece….

Check my BGL and the meter beeps showing me a lovely little “insert sarcastic chuckle here” 3.0

Some how ended up downing a can of juice that I’m not sure quite how I got in my hands somehow I think my mom might have been there.

I was to tired and low to really figure it all out.

Got my BGL back up and than set to eatting my breakfast. No run this morning to tired and yuckyish.

Went out to cacth the little kids bus to go to band and it turns out there is no school for the elementary ~sigh~ so my mom had to drive me in.

Arrived got through band……

The rest of the day BGL wise was good except for my bloody bleeding fingers!

WTF!?! every time I pric my fingers they bleed forever! it’s so annoying I even ended up going to get a bandaid. I bleed for a good hour and a half. I mean it’s not like I’m losing a lot of blood but still.

So I cranked down the setting on my lance. Really should update to a Aviva or a one touch maybe. I really liked the lances the Achu-checks. Yet I like and hate the system I have.


Next issue I’l compare systems but I doubt I’l change.

Another thing….

Ashers you are  frign amazeing!

The time on my Meter was off and she’s like “Let me See it!”

She had the whole damn thing set in less than thirty seconds!

Another entry coming,



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