what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 19, 2007


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I feel 150% me again!
If feel whole and my cup is running over. Despite BGL’s from beyond.

I thin excersize adversly affects me which scares me a lot because what happened today was not fun!

Today was the Four minute run today. So I checked my BGL and I got a 6.3 soooo I’m like well I’m fine lets get this puppy done and over with. After I ran checked again 6.4 I’m like meh not that bad whatever. Next was recess I didn’t test again because I had been fine.

I ate a few chrispers no sugar in them to speack of and I sit down to eat my lunch check before as always and it’s 8.0 I think hmmmmmmmm thats odd. I sit down eat NOTHING with any sugar in it at all and I test again I get a 15.1

I probably should probably learn how to take stuff like that better instead of having a panick attack.

Everyone who got how high that was where all like “HOLY POOPS”

and I was near tears. Test again three minutes latter I’m 9.5 and from then on a steady climb down. I shook SO bad it was horrid.

Things got better though I went to Curt’s house after school and had a crap load of fun.

We played Video games for awhile his parents weren’t home I was totally facenated with his cat “Crash” god that cat is so big and awesome.

Than we went for a walk. I’l have to upload some of the videos. LOL we went down onto the beach and I have no balence and here in NS the beaches are soooo rocky. We sat a lot and talked I geuss.

We where there for hours and guys there was no kissing or anything like that so don’t even ask when I get to school tomorrow.

Curt made me feel like me again. He made me feel so whole again not brokan and changed and lost.

His mom made my day to!Curt’s mom so totally rocks!

I met his grampa and I liked him a lot! Went to “Meet and Greet” my mom couldn’t come so Curt acted as my ‘parents’ for the evening.

Did I mention Curt fell on his bum on wet slimey rocks and his butt was all wet from it? Well he did and he’ll kill me for saying it but LOL it’s funny. I thought I’d be the one falling not him.

Anyways back to meet and greet. I was SO hyper! I even ate half a plain doughnut.

Than I went for a drink of water  from the fountin because I do not think Cofee was good for me. Than I asked the music teacher something and I got totally lost going the fountain for a drink. I

Than I went back and talked to the Bio teacher for next semester who is totally awesomeness.

I don’t have to disect anything! HAHAHAHA Curt you where wrong!

I kept buging Curt for a run because I felt so full of energy even though I’d like already walked half a beach.

Than I ended up running around the school by myself because Curt didn’t run.

Than I went home and I’l have to talk about that in the morning.

love yall,



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