what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 21, 2007

Sugar Hangover!UGH what the hell happened!

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What happened last night? I feel like a fifty ton load of bricks smashed into my whole body.

Well I’l tell you what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Last night my gram guilted me into eatting foods I knew better. I Made the choice to eat them yet she had a BIG part in it all.

My sugar shot up to 20.1 and I was up to near 1 am when it droppsed to a 1.9 man of man I felt SO sick today and SO tired.

WE had practicum today in Child Studies so I had to pretend to be all roses and sunshine with the little girl I do my hour of Child studing in. UGH!

At recess I sat down and I certainly layed into my gram about it all. I felt bad about it and Ashers,Curt and Bud all got to hear it.

Oh and the english teacher who left closeing his door behind him.He’s the type 1 that I mentioned early.

He won’t even talk to me anymore I give up. No one wants to really help me. I mean my friends try SO hard.

Weeeeell anyway I’m like;

“It’s no use my gram is never going to get all this blood sugar stuff! I don’t even bother trying to explain it’s useless.I’m just gonna have to make my own lunches.She’ll take it hard but I can’t go on like this!”

Than Asher is like….
“Well how long has your dad been diabetic.I’m like since 1993 three weeks before my sister’s B-day. She doesn’t get that either!Sides my diet is way diff.”

it ended up with me in a angry fit.

I went to gym and talked with Dan about cars and hacthbacks! Almost smashed said english’s teachers hacthback’s window in with a Volley ball.

It really was an acident as I still really like my english teacher even if I feel ignored a little. I mean I should have never awesumed I could go to him if I needed to.

I feel so alone right now…

Tired sick and alone….

on to lunch period…..

I ate and than I ended up laying down in Asher’s lap the WHOLE time and I did fall asleep.

Than along comes this chick called Erin and  hear Ashley go “Don’t kick her!” . I didn’t know it was intill latter it was her.

Who the hell would do something like that! She’s such a fat pig.

well I think I’l end it off here before I start verbaly bashing people!


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