what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

September 29, 2007

I’m going to break the weekend fun rule………..

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This once as I see it fit that I do so! I missed two whole days of updateing due to a sleepover one night and than the next. First off I’l tell you all how my week was BGL wise…..

Since my meter is still out of order permently and I don’t have a new one yet I don’t know my averages all I know is I rahn low every night except the last three nights. I did test once on faulty meter and it told me 1.0 but it reads wrong so thats just an aprox. of what it was!

I got a brand new laptop though on wednesday so that is one highlight of the week. Toshiba satelite running on windows vista it’s pretty sweet and I like it a lot so far!

Thursday Ashers and Ekka came over for a girls night and man of man did we go whild! We slept out in our camper trailer which is decked out just like a house airconditioning and all! We played Dance Dance Revelution which I am now so adicted to it’s not even funny! I ate three pieces of pizza and lived although I did have to excersize and control after like insane!

we ended up making a couple phone calls and um well some of our friends are still laughing like insane idiots right now! Ashers brain is insanely naughty and brill at the same time! latter one we dressed me up as a punk crossed with a hooker it was hillarious!Mini skirt,fish nett leggings,tank top and japenese school girl shoes! The black make up looked good on me but it was so hard to get off! Ekka also put on the same outfit and somehow our black loveing unprepish ashers wiggled her way out of putting on my nerd prepy cloths!

We where using the webcam on my laptop to take some pics and apparently was recoding our audio and video convo the whole time without us knowing! Nearly peed myself laughing wacthing it! I ended up sleeping with Ashers in the bed fully clothed I might add for those of you who I know will twist that around! Since I am trying to keep this blog g rated I won’t discuss how we turned a simple insilin pump into something hilarious don’t worry no pumps where harmed in this at all we where just dicussing the pump and it’s benefits and some where inbetween one of use (ashers) thought I was talking about something else.

it was near 1 am before we got to sleep though on a school night! we had to get up at 6 am in the morning!

After that we went to school and I reliese that I forgot my meter and I was going to Ekka’s house after school for her birthday party on saterday as it was so far away I was sleeping over. She has 5 brothers and sisters (6 counting her) than two of her cousins live with her and her mom and dad.

This is where my weekend gets butt ugly for me. I have never felt so out of place,unwanted and unsecure in my whole intire being about my hypoglycemia. I was just starting to get most of my confidence back that I lost 5 months ago to this diesease and things had to go wrong!

I brought all my own meals and all my own snacks as I didn’t expect them to try and feed me what so ever and I brought my own water and a can of juice to last friday and saterday. I explained everything to her parents as best as I could have possibley done. So it was fine and I was lucky I did bring my own food because lunch was hotdogs big calorie and carb no no! Than super was at 7 pm at night o_O I proly would have died had I not brought my own meals.

Somehow her parents ended up with an impression that there was almost nothing I could met hence the waste of trying to explain anything to anyone at all. I said I had a certain number of calories I could eat and I brought my own meals to keep with that count.

So things where fine I played DDR with Ekka and Sare for hours on end and just hung out and stuff. Than around 10 pm or something .Than things got ugly but I’l have to type what happened latter to tired right now 😦 Zzzzzzzzzz


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