what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

October 3, 2007

Sometimes it’s just easier to feel nothing inside….

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I am so tired of being angry!




In my house it’s taboo to mention anythings wrong with me and to boot us kids are not allowd to complain,cry or talk about anything. We support ourselves emotionaly and finacaily most of the time we are more than well provided for. In our house age and feelings count for nothing. In our house if your crying over anything it’s because your being over dramatic and nothings wrong.

I learned a long time ago to just not feel anything! Look away every feeling till nothing remains now the rest of my life is messed over because of that vulcan like ability.

I am so tired of my friends not understanding why all of a sudden I’m so angry!

I am physically exshausted along with being mentaly and emotionaly wiped out.

I don’t have any place to go and I don’t know what to do I’m loseing my grip and no one is there to cacth me!

My friends don’t understand and a certain one of them is making me so angry I don’t know what to do about it because as I stated earlier “If I don’t find an outlet soon my actions and words are going to hurt someone close to me I don’t want to lose” . Somehow this person always seems to think that their problems are the only ones and forgets that maybe I need a few minutes of her time to vent. I know I worry to much but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a fall back when I crumble into a million pieces.

Still no new meter probably won’t go get it for awhile my reasoning is that I’m just to tired.

To tired to care

just tired…………


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