what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

October 17, 2007

The Past weekend from scarydom!

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Well the last weekend I nearly ended up in the hospital 😦 it was another home alone weekend with my gram. Those never ever go well,but yet I can’t complain as it’s a breack from my mom and dad. I am getting along worse and worse with my mom I’m not even trying now. She does these stupid things that tick me off especaily when they make me stressed out.

I failed my Canadain history test 45% not going to go there ehhhh just don’t!

Well back to saterday/sunday gram bought this really expensive yummy soft serve ice cream and inaialy I’m like while I’l have a spoonful and than with her slight egging on I ended up eating to. My BGL was SOOOOOO high I was drinking water like no tomorrow! I was so scared I wasn’t going to go down and than I did I crash and I was scared after I would have to go to the hospital it was a really bad hypo and I was downstairs alone with no way to call for help. I woke up on the floor I did get glucosse tabs into me. Least I think thats what happened I don’t remember it quite right. The point is I have learned my lesson.

I just got so tired of my gram disowning me when I turned into a crank because my BGL’s ,Or telling me that it’s wrong to drink large amounts of water that she takes my cup and bans me from drinking at all,Or from accuseing me of all this stuff I just cracked again! I dunno what I’m going to do I love my gram but telling her copromises so much of my position that I can’t….My family except for my mom does not need to know about my RH.

 Sunday gets worse….

My mom comes home and has to go to work and my ashers calls “You wanna come over tomorrow”

I ask my mom and no and she goes on about this test I failed and I’m like “Am I being punished for failing”

and she goes “No” and she wouldn’t give me a reason and finally she siad no but my dad told me to go so I told Ashers yes.

My mom leaves for work and about 4 hrs latter she comes home.

We have this big arguement on how I’m putting friends before my school work and all this other crap.

I quit I don’t talk to her inless I have to! She cannot accuse me of being and doing things I don’t.

I told her I just wanted her to be my friend and now she’s being phoney nice to me.

One to happier tales!

Monday was Job fair what fun!

It was in the town overs school she we had to take a bus from our school to theirs.
I got on the bus with my 6 friends and the bestest teacher ever! He’s the teacher I keep mentioning in here a lot!

Well I have to go get supper so you’ll have to wait to hear all about it when I come back!!!!!!!!


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