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November 17, 2007

Big long Update for everybody who reads this!Carancopia of links

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Okay so life kinda ate me up and put me through a violent dryer cycle!

I got a new meter thanks to someone very specail! I now have a OneTouch Ultra Mini in pink and I cannot say enough about it! However the strips leave something very much to be desired. I have to call the company on Monday and hopefuly something will be done. The OneTouch Ultra strips the card board ontop of it curls up and jams and I find it hard to test when I’m shakey from lows.

Another thing/piece of advice if your shakeing to violently to test during a LOW don’t treat yourself FIRST! I learned this the hard way and ended up wasteing a few strips. Insurence won’t cover me anymore so my mom is like “No more testing” and I’m scared! I’m gonna try and get soem strips off ebay and I have some in the mail from another specail friend.

I don’t know what I’d do without my OneTouch Ultra meter I love it to death! I have also become the Queen of exterior meter decoration! I should trya nd post a pic of my case it is the greatest! I have ribbons,keychains,and all kinds of neat stuff happening with it! Ive had to make this life fun because I started to lose it over the past couple of weeks! Ive snapped several times and broke from my diet and Ive been an emotional mess.

 Ive so much to say here yet I’m to lazy and tired after a long week of school to really update so I’m gonna throw a lot of info and links into this post!

First off I was thrilled to hear another Hypoglycemic who posts on www.diabetesdaily.com reads my blog and liked that I mentioned dietary and other interesting tidbits on here so I will be doing that alot now.


The start of the information pile up of links:


Found this one very technical and informitive!


This is a great place for Diabetics and RHG and everyone who needs a little inspiration


This is the greatest site ever information wise!


Best damn meter company in the world!


This is a articale on why so many docs dismiss RHG and blame it on something else!


The above is a link to the diet plan mine is loosely based on!


One of the ways RHG is DXed I had a bad reaction to it but the information needs to be out there.


Articale on basic GTT responses


Interesting articale woot!

The best lik of all is www.diabetesdaily.com

Love yall,



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  1. Thanks for the links – I have bookmarked them to read.

    I have the pink ultra mini meter too – I agree with you re: the strips – have trouble when I am low – thought it was just me!

    Comment by Sheri (Wasabi) — November 19, 2007 @ 5:36 am

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