what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

November 21, 2007

Good news from last/The train wreck ive become…..

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Last night called to complain about the jaming of the strips thinking it was just the strips! Medtronic was so good about it woot I was pretty happy with the custumer service! They are sending me 100 free strips and a replacement meter as they think it is the meter not the strips. Well I was sure on a role last night happy and hyper but I forgot to pay attention what others around me where feeling and I ended up making a bad mistake by doing that. Ive learned my lesson now it’s just Ive been down so much lately that it took just that one sucessfuly phone call to turn me into the crazy teen I am.

Frankly I have become a total train wreck and to help me teach you all a moral lesson I am going to use Star Wars qoutes…(disclaimer:I am totaly out of my mind but hear me out please)

Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’. – Yoda

With this condition you either do or do not there is no try. You either are commited to  your RHG,FHG,and D or your not. You just can’t go “I’m sick of this I tryed so leave me alone!” there is NO trying with this! It takes awhile but most people are so afraid to even attempt the diet and control becomes a thing of irrelevents. Todays lesson I geuss is about when Trying turns into Excuses.  “I want” and “I tryed” are words that you HAVE To eliminate form your vocabulary at all costs.

For teens such as me this concept is one that most of us over look and adults you do this as well so we all need to listen to master yoda and Me for a few!

I havn’t been following my diet yet every second word out of my mouth is “I know better” or “I was gonna” or “I should have” I have become the padwan again when I thought  I was a real Jedi knight(In control). I am spiraling out of control and so therefore I am yeilding and eating a piece of humble pie….I could sure use a kick in the butt is what I’m saying….

More latter my head is pounding and I’m slightly sick!

May the force be with you,



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  1. Tag Jess you’re it!

    Comment by Shaun — November 22, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

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