what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

November 26, 2007

My bad luck week/Fustrated terriablely soooo

Filed under: Hypoglycemia — closedembrace @ 10:06 pm

Well Thursday last week my mom came down stairs at 6:30 am to find me passed out at the bottom of them. I don’t even remember how I got down them but I was supper ubber low nor do we know how long I was there.I spent the last several days feeling off emotionaly and physicaly.Emotionaly I’m sick of it all physicaly I don’t know where I stand quite anymore. I want a normal life filled with normal teenaged things! I’m sick of how complex things have to be! The docters have been calling the house like crazy trying to decide what the heck I am Fuctional or Reactive hypoglycemia I was classed under “Reactive Hypoglycemia” with slight functional Hypoglycmic characteristics yet now it’s flipped around….

Ive started trying to follow my diet better but I all of a sudden CANNOT stand the taste of fruit anymore for some reason.Ive been so senstive to what i eat lately taste and blood sugar wise….Sigh I need help badly getting unfusterated….


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