what could potentaily kill you makes you stronger….

December 11, 2007

So things are complicated I think…

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Okay I appoligise for my abscenes but life likes to eat me up and spit me out occasionaly to update here.

Well how has life been this past week and a half stressfuly,tear filled and just plain bumpily.My frirends don’t know how stressed out,upset and lost ive felt or been. I just can’t let them know it would make me weak I geuss…. I don’t know anymore but I lost it again I just totally broke down.

I got in troble at school I yelled at a Substitute teacher.I am a good student I have never done anything like that before in my life…We had just wacthed a movie on child care and she’s like “Next movie is about nutrition so this ones more interesting” I totally totally lost it!
I told her “My life is already a nutritional nightmere!” and it escalated from there…Now that I look back on it I can laugh about because the poor sub had no idea WHAT I was ranting about…the look on her face was hilarious!

I also left www.diabetesdaily.com for a little bit because of that but Ernest set me straight I’m not allowd to leave DD again and I’m glad I went back!

10:25 PM ernestb: we are not perfect

10:25 PM ernestb: we all have our moments

10:25 PM ernestb: and i be dammmed if you dont come here and let us hear whats up

10:25 PM ernestb: even if its a assss chewing!

Thanks Ernie I needed to hear that that day 🙂 made me laugh a little.

Than there was the great meter debackle….

Oh my goodness…

2 out of 3 meters where being PITA’s its all fixed now the stress really brought me down firguritively and Literaly….

Now things are steady again so guys I just want you to know that even though my life gets complicated you guys make it all worth it


Also I have a D-life series of art and other art at this site: http://faded-golden-ink.deviantart.com

next time I gotta talk about my boy and all the fun thinsg ive been really up to,

loves yall,



December 2, 2007

Updateness sorry my cat ate my laptop and my pony spit it out*falls asleep*

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Okay Some I’m super busy school sucks!!!! I get out Decemeber 20th for break and plan to paste myself to www.diabetesdaily.com and I don’t plan on being cut and pasted off of it for any reason what so ever! Yes I am totally nuts lack of sleep and hours on the internet/looking at plane ticket prices/ploting between me and my Big sister (well adopted big sister) Kris http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/blogs/krisb0701/ !

Geuss I have to wait till I’m 18 meh thinks to truely enjoy my american diabete friend making experiance thats okay with me (: that way I can truly enjoy it to the fullest and I won’t feel guilt riden by my mom. Disney world is fun and all but i am disapointed I’l be missing out on Zippora a diabetic ballerina whom I totally well idolize except I don’t dance.

I am utterly exshausted so sorry if this is short but I just don’t have enough energy to sya much more!

loves you all,


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